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all I want out of season four is a scene where John/Mary/Sherlock refers to Molly as “auntie Molly” to baby Watson and Molly just stands there in shock for a moment before smiling because, as can be interpreted through the morgue scene in ASiB, she has no family and probably never dreamed she’d be called auntie Molly


Anonymous asked:

At Mycroft and Anthea's wedding, Molly catches the flower banquet; while Sherlock catches the garter belt. Both their faces turn bright red when they realize this and Mycroft smirks while his new bride elbows him.



Sherlock refuses to let a stupid garter belt decide how his future is to be, and once again reminds everyone how he’s already married to his work.

A year later he’ll have to eat his own words as he gives Molly his ‘I do.’

This will be the image in my head for all eternity I think.

*BONUS* Neither were really standing in the crowd. The bouquet hit Molly in the head and the garter wrapped itself around Sherlocks wrist and wine glass

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